Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mind Control, Who is in control...?

you Can control minds, but there must be an Ultimate Controller, to have USE of this type of constraint in the first place.

Who can it be?

Aliens, Government, Money grabbers? (Inquiring minds want to know, and Want to Show them a few ideas I have on the subject of Control. Control this Mutherfuckers. LOL)

It's a good method to question it all, never allowing too much to escape the realm of "where does this idea come from or where does it belong?"

But there is much to be questioned and very much a sinister looking plot seems to develop. My comments are Why Are we Imprisoned?

What are Slaves, and is that what we experience?

But many of have used their talents to see the patterns, the beginning of this opportunity to keep This Planet Tied in KNots of deceptive activity.  Not too many left Who Are unTouched by these NEw revelations. We are confused, half awake, but Notoriously REAdy to Repel our Rival to Freedom and Free Choice.

Please Take care, Stay awake, Focus, and become clear as you ARE DEALing with Snarks and Scammers. You are A Victim of Fancy pants mind control methods, and the Origin, the Original still Awaits UnVeiling.

UFO's now fly in plain Sight. Up above and below. We Are watched, and there is not a way or a Password which will proTect us. We are SEeing what could not be a reality only a Sham. Now is Digesting a new paradigm, an epiphany which is a Slow process, but Truly necessary.

WE are Not going to Change anyone or Thing if We Cannot Awaken our Truth for planetary Assessment, for a moment outside the ILLUSIons.

Here are a couple of videos and an article of some interest.

And to those who May have Interest in such items as the Venus Project, which relates to some Visions I had some months back. Vying for more, a substance, grown in vertical buildings, under Lights, is a valuable race, as two forces were trying to keep themselves with all of this "X" substance as they could get a hold of.

Friends posed that it maybe Algae. The question matters not, it's something, and they are Here to grow and harvest the lot of it. They is power that has come over us, or a realization we have been overwhelmed. LOL

Not a good feeling, but a wealth of awareness once we did not have access to. Now we are here. Let's be greAt in our move in the direction o f Free will, choice and to lose the mind control.

have an Informed Day. learn on, pass it on, and REmember who you are...Your Friend in Truth, Laura Hart

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