Friday, August 3, 2012

Deam a little dream for me...

What is a dream?

And which one is it anyway? LOL

This morning, I had a moment of sleep where I had a phone and began to dial it and then my home phone rang. Woke me up...

Was it me? LOL

It's all so simple until you actually look at the potential for ILLUSION in everything.

Is a dream, a light sleep a hypnotic state of mind, where one may be easily influenced?

We all know folks who are easily influenced. So, it would be not much of a stretch to concede there are those who would EASILY be converted to SUGGESTIVE influences. I can do it, you can probably find someone to do this to.

Suggest something, make it HAPPEN without a direct, up front approach. Rather enter through the mind of suggestive influences. And then realize someone came thru your D"OOR too. LOL

Another realm for more thought, I have met a lot of people who have DIED who are here as they have come back. One woman woke to two experiences of death in the surgery. She called her surgeon out on it, and he admitted to it.

One woman had her husband tell  her to go back. LOL

Yes, not a great idea.

Suicide, other forms of death seeking, are not recognized as valued goals. Here we are interested in tRanscending the whole notion. REPlacing it with the ETERNAL idea of something MORE.

But again, we start to question, our LIFE instructions, our ORDERS, those suggestions.

What is the core, WHAT IS THE ROOT of This AFflictION?

Not knowing, what is a dream, what is a dream and what is more dreams...What happens when we sleep?

WAs watching a TV show, thru the wormhole, and when the subject of CLONI"NG, became thus discussed, my friend and I feLL asleep all of sudden at SAME time during episode...LOL ?

How did that happen, a SUDDEn Sleep, swept both up at the moment. LOL ?

Dream a Dream for me...

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