Monday, August 6, 2012

White Coat Experiments...

REmember those tests, the one's where they were checking to see how far an individual would go in "harming" another human being, based on the ORDERS from a doctor in a white coat.

The unknowing subject would be set up to give electric shocks to an "Actor" who is usually elderly, and a doctor type wearing the typical white coat.

The subject is to give a SHOCK to actor each time he misses an answer to a question. The doctor with the white coat, comes in and orders more shocks, even though the Actor now is moaning in pain. The actor then ups the ante and starts clutching his chest feigning a potential heart attack.

The subject who does not know that he or she is surrounded by actors, is following the orders of this "so-named" doctor, who issues instructions to hit the button and unleash more zings to the actor.

By this time, the elderly actor, can no longer answer the questions. He is now pretending to be in cardiac distress.

The doctor comes in, donning his white coat, the test subject, usually concerned about the health of the actor, at this point, has continued to give what are shocks that have lead to yelps in pain.

This person so believes the White Coat and the status, the brainwashing, that even now, late into the situation, the person still FOLLOWS ORDERS and shocks the now, hardly reacting, actor.

HOW The hell does this happen? It's no surprise to me, and the later experiments of this nature showed that even when the actor showed a complete lapse of health, the SUBJECT would continue to hit the button based on the instructions from a SUPERIOR, a doctor.

The test subjects were conflicted, when they would be told to continue the zaps they believed they were giving. They also believed they may have KILLED these people. They were concerned, they were often DAMAGED from these types of behavioral experiments.

The idea that people would inflict pain on others is nothing new. The Nazi's knew this too. Brainwashing is nothing of a new idea. It's used to the maximum at this point.

I"m a person who would NOT have continued to give shocks to people in distress. Others were quite sick from what they had done.

Other smaller examples of these tests, included, such ideas, as having a room full of people, show them a series of straight lines. Obvious, one line was longer than they others and one shorter. The majority of the group, who were actors, were aware they chose the shortest line and insisted it was the LONGEST line.

Peer pressure played a role. The test subject may have seen that the line was shorter, but not too long, before the person simply gave in.

Rather than believe their own eyes, their own gut instinct, whatever most of us need to think independently, they gave up their own opinion, their own certainty.


And how we understand how government, social groups. are corrupted without a fight, are with the very simple methods as used in these experiments. Persuading with someone in a UNIFORM, that is one way. A doctor, a soldier, a cop, a guard, a paramedic, etc. all have a reason for wearing the proper attire. This elicits a certain response, expectation.

There is peer pressure which is another very easy to use art of influence. I've felt it on a real level, it's there, it's always there.

Now, from there, IMAGINE, what you DON"T even know about? Think about what has been done to you? What are you not supposed to do or feel?

My anger was a great topic for this blog, it's a blog, about Bi-polar, the balancing act that occurs in this crazy environment we are forced to endure. But we are FREE THINKERS, who need to FREELY think. LOL

Everytime I find something that is within me, something such as disgust, anger, I begin to GET it, I am NOT okay with stepping on others to make a life. I'm just no okay with being deluded by a CONTROL. I'm a rebel, and I have a real  need to continue to fight until this is finished.

I would YELL that the line is shorter. I would make fun of the whole group of fuckers who would claim that the lines were longer when in fact shorter. And to have people ass kissing.

Polite society is the most ruthless of all, isn't it? It really is tough to be impolite?

No Shock is it to learn how easily swayed our own good thinking can get? It's a serious condition and has infected all parts of the world to such a degree that the conditions will and are degrading, entropy is the word used, of what is coming upon us.

And  a few thoughts of what you can and what you are, is a timely subject. ARe you brainwashed?

My friends, are concerned I think I"m enlightened...LOL I can hardly tell them I'm not concerned about being religious, enlightened or any of the above. I'm simply mentioning we are being controlled and brain washed. And we have  many tests which conclude there are people who will upon a simply HYPNOTIC suggestion, throw battery acid in someone eyes or even their own.

Surprise, it could be you. LOL Let's hope not, but don't be too down about it, as there is much trouble taken to OPPRESS us.

STay aware and awake....Your friend in truth...Laura

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