Friday, August 3, 2012

Conspiring with the theories, who knows...

Conspiracy theories, how about that. Aliens, the mafia, brain washing, assassination, questions that cannot be answered, Who KILLED JFK?

I've done some AUTOMATIC writing, some transferring of information that was hanging out there, ready to be collected. WEird stuff, s ome of it. Really has a way of defying being readily understood.

Here's a good way to look at it. IT"S Best that I look STRANGE to say the least. LOL I have some INTERESTING ideas. I"m not AT ALL interested in ARGuing, it, being that it is A Sincere effort.

I"m willing to R"OG""UE it out onto the STAGE and do my thing. I've been wAITING a long time.

There are no C'oncrete, NO opinion I am unWiLLING to CHANGE at My Whim or to ADMIT a mistaken NOTION. NO, I'm quite READy to be as SURPRISED by the newest and latest in my STRUGGLE Against the MACHINE, same as you Reader, dear reader.

The Conspiracies, they are so numerous, my time best SPENT On the Source of IRRITATIOn. of my TRUE DESIRE to IDENTIFY this, DESTROY it's hold and IN NO UNCERTAIN terms. My Intention- a one way ROAD.

Being misunderstood, should Be a Second nature. But THose Who KNOW, Do have A FOOT HOLD. YES, there are a NEW SET of VISIONARIES. NAMEs have been CHANGED to protect the GUILTY as CHARGEd, Those who C"ONSPIRE to END the TIMEs, of SHAME and SUFFERING.

Talking OPENLY with others, on issues, of Such Formerly UNawares, you get it, fucking a sense of DUH, we have experienced. Some DUH good, too much DUH, pretty DUHLL.

Thank To the SCOOTER for the People, the ACCEPT me, types who AMAZE me, the one's with Stories, Dog friends, BIG hearts, GOOD stuff, Good INFO.

Conspiring minds want to KNOW? LOL

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